Integrated Management Thinking (IMT) — Toronto

Mini-MBA capstone experience for decision-makers


As the most senior-level program in McGill’s Mini-MBA Series, this experience helps seasoned managers make sound decisions that will support intelligent growth in their organizations. It is perfect for those wanting to enhance and refine their abilities in creativity and innovation, change management, strategic growth, financial acumen and entrepreneurial thinking. How can you be a catalyst for innovation and growth given your resources, capabilities, and restrictions? Are you equipped to lead and execute change? Can you establish the readiness needed to capture opportunities? These questions and more will be answered in a dynamic, idea-sharing format, assisted by outstanding professors with real-world experience. Delivered in Montreal, Toronto (Mississauga) and Online, the format fits well with the workday of busy professionals from both private and public sectors.

Key Benefits and Takeaways

  • Explore trends in leadership, innovation, finance, entrepreneurship, and growth strategies
  • Capture advanced-level insights often found in the final “integration” phase of leading MBA/EMBA programs
  • Learn to better analyze your options and make more successful decisions
  • View your business through multiple lenses, ensuring greater harmony among functions and units
  • Test your ability to launch new ideas, gain buy-in, and take action on projects
  • Network and share ideas with an exceptional peer group from diverse industries

This program is designed for managers and executives who have at least 15 years’ managerial experience and/or have completed the Advanced Management Course (AMC). For those who received an MBA degree seven or more years ago, this is a perfect opportunity to update knowledge, and to gain exposure to late- breaking benchmarks and best practices.

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The registration fee includes facilitation by our highly rated faculty members, course materials, results-oriented exercises, meal service (breakfast, lunch and breaks), and a certificate of completion from the McGill Executive Institute.

Topics covered in this course

  • Create an organizational culture of innovation
  • Understand breakthrough, continuous, and incremental innovation
  • Value Innovation – a roadmap and tools for creating new opportunities
  • Commercialize innovation
  • Define change management
  • Explore the driving forces of successful change initiatives
  • Handle change anxiety
  • Identify key change behaviours linked to business results
  • Sustain change
  • Convince a panel of venture capitalists that your growth strategy, new product or service idea is worth their attention
  • Build a strong business case – tips and techniques
  • Present with confidence and power in the boardroom
  • Gain buy-in when presenting your idea
  • Profit from advice for implementing your action plan back on the job
  • Develop new products and services – perspectives
  • Understand growth options – organic, joint venture, alliances, M and A
  • Establish the best ratio of speed vs. quality growth (sustainability)
  • Create your new integrated business model
  • Clarify the stages of the creative thinking process
  • Think outside the box and problem solving
  • Brainstorm
  • Implement creativity and thinking skills in the workplace
  • Finance and cost your innovation
  • Squeeze maximum leverage from your assets and resources
  • Source the right types of investment capital
  • Evaluate financial risk in your growth model


The Mini-MBA Series

This program is part of the McGill Mini-MBA Series: a three-part series designed to equip you with key business insights, comprehensive management practices, benchmarks, and business strategies taught in our full MBA program—at a fraction of the time and cost.

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