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Innovating Through Design Thinking

Apply the power of design thinking for business growth


An organization’s ability to innovate – whether creating seamless and enjoyable customer journeys, radically new products and services, or breakthrough business models – is critical to long-term success. Innovation is about solving important, challenging problems in creative and value-creating ways. Design thinking is a practical toolkit for innovation that anyone can learn and apply. Innovating through design thinking represents a structured, human-centered method for creatively solving complex problems that inspires and delights users. In this program, you will learn the core principles and tools of design thinking and how to apply them across your organization to achieve innovation and growth.

Key Benefits and Takeaways

  • Discover design thinking and the types of problems it helps solve
  • Develop an empathetic mindset to understand problems from the user’s perspective
  • Generate insights to reframe your understanding of a problem
  • Apply ideation – rapid generation and refinement of concepts for solutions
  • Move from concepts to potential solutions by prototyping
  • Learn to test and validate solutions through the design thinking process

Topics covered in this course

  • Core elements of design thinking
  • Apply design thinking
  • Three types of challenges for innovation
  • Insights from extreme users
  • Customer personas
  • Distribution of ideas
  • Toolkit for innovative ideas
  • Generate tools and approaches to property test and explore ideas before going too far
  • Evaluation criteria
  • IDEO design thinking framework
  • Understand user’s POV – immerse, observe, engage
  • Solve the problems precisely
  • See through new eyes
  • Finalize your action plan for implementation on the job


Course Leaders

headshot of Jared Lee

Jared Lee


Jared Lee

Jared Lee is a senior consultant who provides training to executives of various organizations as well as professional and graduate students. He has led workshops, seminars, and guest lectures at McGill University's Desautels Faculty of Management, Max Bell School of Public Policy, Queen's University's Smith School of Business, and Concordia University's John Molson Executive Centre. Topics have included strategic thinking, problem-solving, design thinking, innovation, structured communication, business presentations, data analysis, data visualization, and change leadership.